Usui Reiki Master

Holy Fire II Reiki Level II


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From Michael:

I have been drawn to Reiki for many years and I am so glad I finally pursued such an amazing field to work in.  I am highly empathetic and desire nothing more than to improve the lives of those around me.  Reiki has put me in a position to do exactly that.  I am certified in traditional Usui Reiki (Master) and Holy Fire Reiki (Level II).

I believe that everything we experience in life within us and outside of us is the result of energies we have flowing through our bodies.  These energies manifest the lives we walk through every day.  By cleansing the energy, or "fine tuning" if you will, we enable the energetic body to reach a higher potential than previously known.  

My mission is to inspire and lead people to love, freedom and happiness.  Whether through personal development, talk therapy, or energy therapy, I am here to serve.  Please let me know how I can BEST serve you so that you may chase the dreams you've always had and have always felt out of reach.  I can assure your dreams are not out of reach. 

Everything out there is available in abundance.  You are worthy of all things.  If I can help you realize this, please call me to your service.